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This will be my first article that features photos of food. Tagging along with the Pampanga bloggers is certainly fun and what I mean “FUN” is exploring places, eating local cuisine as well as trying things that I’ve never done before. Alright! let’s drop this introduction and jump right into my first ever post relating to food.

We have met the owner of the business Mr. Jonathan Ignacio. He is also the chef of his own restobar V Lounge¬†located inside Northpark Clarkfield Pampanga. I simply had the opportunity talking to him how he started. Originally he just wanted to open a Vape lounge for his first business. But unfortunately it’s not running good so he decided to focus on his culinary skills and enter the food industry.

Photo gallery of food they serve.

memorabilia’s came from different countries.

Love the masks hanging at the side of the bar.

I was surprised as I looked up the ceiling Spiderman and Alien are there!

Some of the owner’s vape mod’s.

This is a one cool place if you just want to hang out with your friends and eat good food. By the way have I told that they also have Karaoke and billiard table?

You can add V lounge restobar on your list if you are going to visit Clarkfield Pampanga.


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