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Haler Baler! well, it’s the usual title for everyone who uploads their Baler photos on facebook. I actually used it too on my facebook account Veen There Adventures LOL. But I would like to use other title and came up with “Wander around Baler” it still rhymes right? Anyway, I would like to share you guys how did my 2 days trip in Aurora Baler became epic.

If you are going to ride a bus to Baler, Aurora that’s fine, but if you are a first timer like me and you are with your friends, and not really familiar with the place better to rent a van. This will save your time on transferring from one location to another. If you are lucky and you know someone in Baler you can get discounts on your accommodation and some of the entrance fees.

Here is the list of places I’ve been in Baler, Aurora.

● Ditumabo Mother falls

You may check my video in Veen There Adventures

● Dinadiawan Agri Resort

It’s an hour trip by land from Baler’s towns proper.

● Ampere pebble beach

Going to Dinadiawan Agri Resort you will be passing by the Pebble beach.

● Dicasalarin cove

● Sabang beach

If you are into surfing you can go to Sabang beach for board rentals ranging 300-350 pesos.

● Millennium  Tree

The famous millennium tree.

I will be giving you the total of my expenses on my trip to Baler, Aurora.

Van  Php 10,000/9 persons =Php1111

Accommodation Ninas Transient House with dc Php 3,000/9 = Php333

Dinadiawan Agri Resort Entrance fee = Php100

Dinadiawan Tables and chair rental Php 500/9 = Php55

Boat rental to Dicasalarin Cove Php 2,000/9 = Php222

(Other options going to the Cove by Van you need to pay Php300 per head)

Dicasalarin Cove Entrance includes cottage and tour around the cove = Php100

Php 1921 + maybe 500 for food 2 days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) but you can get a lot cheaper food on one of Baler’s rolling stores that offer streetfoods etc.

Total expense = Php2421.00

Accommodation Nina’s Transient House.

You may text or call Ate Evelyn for more information. (0908) 418 1438



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